Finding N.E.M.O

I keep making new vehicles using the same hull.  N.E.M.O or Nuclear Enabled Mobile Onager. Next one will have a crane.

Five pieces.

Making of a Tank

M.O.L.E  or Mobile Ordnance Light Engineering vehicle is released ! Till monday it’s 25% off only 7.50 USD grab it from here


I had to build a tank for my 15mm world. Something made before the last war. So I started .

As you see I started with basic shapes.

Then Details added very quickly.

What was I thinking making a designable tank. So I left flat surfaces for future add ons.

I quite like the turreted version.


Urban construction in 15mm world.

I was working on a simple low cost building system for 15mm. So I’ve done it. I kept the design simple so further add-ons can apply.

Part A has a door so you might need it only once for each building. Or you might want a back door. Part B has three windows. Part C is roof and Part D is for floor.

This picture I bring together 1 Part A and 3 part B.  They do have joint points but not enough so I glued them.

Part C roof added.

It’s also possible to stack them. Each part is only 1 USD!

Easy to ship!

Soon will be on store.

A Fresh Start

Hi everyone.
I’m Ali
Let me introduce myself for those don’t have any idea about me. I’m a 36 years old guy from Turkey. Married and having 2 children. Two boys. Summer of 2016 we left Istanbul and moved to Canakkale Çanakkale( where the Gallipoli campaign and ancient Troy just half an hour) to live a quite life. I run a small toy store and making models at the same place. Trying to follow what happens in UK and US from my little city. There are very few people who do wargaming here.Most of them in Istanbul Izmir and some in Ankara. But I have plans to start wargaming nights in my city.

Last year I did many 6mm sci-fi vehicles and some 15mm vehicles. Most of my customers were from US some from UK, Germany and Sweeden. I also shipped to Malaysia and Australia and even to New Zealand.
I’m also very active facebook user 🙂 I follow some 6mm and 15mm groups. You can also find me on TWW

Recently I feel I need to refresh not only look of the site but also contend of the site. It’s just like a band doesn’t want to play their old songs. I wanted to make new products for 6mm and 15mm. Another service I would like to give is design service. I will make you a model, and a mold. After this you can use it how you want. You can make your copies and sell them. It’s all up to you.

To make this change I also decided to sell my old designs and their molds. Most of them gone. I have some pre-painted vehicles for sale too. All for very good prices.

Finally another service I would like to give you is painting service. Since I’m spending my time in my little toy shop, I can find time to do this.

So I’ll be back with news.